COLAB Dry Shampoo: The Secret to Fresh Smelling Hair

Dry shampoos are a rare commodity in the Philippines. I guess it hasn’t gained much traction since we usually take showers in the morning and not at night. However, I have used some dry shampoos when I was still living in Chicago. It was a lifesaver for days when I feel too lazy to wash my hair, or I’m just late for work. My favorite was the Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, but Co Lab can easily take the cake! (more…)


Currently Reading: Ready Player One


One might say that Ready Player One is a remix of Neal Stephenson’s 1992 Snow Crash. Both novels are set in an ugly future where greedy, money slave corporations have taken over the world so people constantly look for refuge in virtual reality. In RPO’s case, that virtual reality is called OASIS, a fitting name. While both novels seem in every way similar – nerd utopias, ass-kicking female characters, sarcasm, sticking it to the man… the main difference is that RPO is more like a treasure hunt perpetrated by a sort of Bill Gates character while SC is a cyberpunk detective story. (more…)

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

I’ve been on hiatus for a couple of weeks because life has been too busy as of late. However, I’m back now with an amazing drugstore product that you should always have in your make-up bag!

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor is a lightweight, high-definition, velvety matte lip color that is 100% wax-free in gel formula. There are currently 8 shades but I only managed to get my hands on three. My sister introduced me to this amazing product but apparently, it’s been in the market in the states since late last year. Currently, it’s selling for 575 PHP or $6.45 in Amazon.

So the three colors that I got was Flirtation, Love and Obsession, I added a swatch photo below so you have a better idea on what it looks like!



Chow Rundown: Ninja Akasaka

Tokyo is home to various themed restaurants and cafés. From robots to cats, the city probably has it. Since we already visited the owl café, I wanted to give David another restaurant experience which he won’t be able to find anywhere else. I was debating between the robot restaurant and the ninja restaurant. The robot restaurant looks pretty awesome! I’m sure we would have fun there if not for the food. They only offer bento boxes which was unacceptable to me because the cover charge for the show is already 9,000 yen! My mom also had some rave reviews on the ninja restaurant so that’s where we ended up going. (more…)

Chow Rundown: Maison de la Bourgogne

Situated in a quiet street of Kagurazaka, this French bistro should not be missed! Fate brought me here when my friends and I were wandering around the district in search for dinner. Unfortunately, they did not have enough seating to accommodate us at that time. I vowed to come back and try their food. Thankfully, it was my birthday in two weeks. When my mom asked me where I wanted to celebrate, I immediately asked her to make a reservation for Maison de la Bourgogne.

It’s safely ensconced from the hustle and bustle of Kagurazaka providing you with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for wine and deep conversations! They have outside seating facing the street which is a great addition, provided it wasn’t 35 degrees outside. Inside seating was quite comfortable. Ask to be seated in the booths! Service was not rushed, and servers were attentive.

Maison - Family (more…)

Chow Rundown: Aoyama Flower Market Teahouse

The actual teahouse is located behind the flower shop. You may have to wait a few minutes in order to get in. It’s the worst kept secret “café” in Omotesando. I place café in quotation marks because they don’t actually serve coffee here.
Aoyama 5
Aoyama 3
The place itself is very laidback. Ivy lines the greenhouse beams. Glass lamps hang from the ceiling like twinkling stars. I especially liked the exposed brick wall seen from the huge window towards the back.

Aoyama Flower Market has a large variety of flowers on sale plus they also sell these cute potted plants!

Aoyama 7
Aoyama 6


Aoyama Flower Market Map
A few minutes away from Omotesando station, this place is best accessed by Ginza, Hanzomon or Chiyoda line.

5-1-2 Minami-Aoyama
Minato-ku, Tokyo

Open from 11:00 AM – 06:30 PM. (more…)