Currently Reading: Ready Player One


One might say that Ready Player One is a remix of Neal Stephenson’s 1992 Snow Crash. Both novels are set in an ugly future where greedy, money slave corporations have taken over the world so people constantly look for refuge in virtual reality. In RPO’s case, that virtual reality is called OASIS, a fitting name. While both novels seem in every way similar – nerd utopias, ass-kicking female characters, sarcasm, sticking it to the man… the main difference is that RPO is more like a treasure hunt perpetrated by a sort of Bill Gates character while SC is a cyberpunk detective story. (more…)


Thursday Tunes #6

I was listening to Florence + The Machines, a couple of weeks ago and discovered a song which I didn’t even know was in their album. “All This And Heaven Too” is a breathtaking piece of music that speaks about the inadequacy of spoken word to express genuine and unconditional feeling of love you experience in life.

That’s why I decided to compile songs that can help us convey our emotions for all the times we cannot fully express the matters of the heart. (more…)

Of Space Exploration & Robots

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, or Miraikan as it is popularly called, is one of Japan’s leading science museum. They mainly focus on robotics, space exploration and the environment. Spanning six floors, there’s so much to see and discover! It’s easily one of my favorite museums in Tokyo.

Most of the exhibit and the dome theater shows have English translations. However, demos are purely in Japanese. I did notice that some operators try to accommodate foreigners by translating what they’re saying in English. Don’t expect this to happen all the time though! (more…)

Chow Rundown: Morizumi

Morizumi is located towards the end of a hill of residential buildings and small restaurants. Both interior and exterior design looks nothing like a ramen restaurant (more like an Italian café) which might seem off-putting to people who want authentic ramen shops. However, don’t let that stop you from trying out their food! What I absolutely loved about this place is the open kitchen. There’s nothing better than seeing your food freshly prepared in front of you.


Morizumi Map

10 minute walk from Myogadani station, accessed by Marunouchi line.

4-15-13 Koishikawa
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Open all week except on Tuesdays.
11:30 AM to 03:00 PM
05:30 PM to 10:00 PM (more…)