A step into Marie Antoinette’s home!

It was the fourth day of our European adventure when we decided to visit the illustrious home of Marie Antoinette, the Palace of Versailles. After being in awe of the sheer size of Château de Chantilly, I was definitely expecting Versailles to be as majestic. It did not disappoint!

We arrived just in time to beat the lunch crowd, and decided to eat at a random restaurant near the palace. Got lucky and found a nice bistro that offered a huge lunch portion for cheap. You definitely have to eat beforehand because you need all the calories you can get for walking! There are some food concessionaires at the palace grounds but it’s way overpriced. (more…)


Got Noodles?

Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan located in the south of Tokyo. People flock here for the amazing Chinese food, theme park and date activities. David and I originally planned to go there because I wanted to see Cai Guo-Qiang’s There and Back Again exhibit in the Yokohama Art Museum. Since it was a bit far from Tokyo, we decided to stay there for a whole day instead of traveling to a different place. One of the things I wanted to visit was the Cup Noodle Museum as I’ve heard so many good things about it. (more…)

Chow Rundown: Morizumi

Morizumi is located towards the end of a hill of residential buildings and small restaurants. Both interior and exterior design looks nothing like a ramen restaurant (more like an Italian café) which might seem off-putting to people who want authentic ramen shops. However, don’t let that stop you from trying out their food! What I absolutely loved about this place is the open kitchen. There’s nothing better than seeing your food freshly prepared in front of you.


Morizumi Map

10 minute walk from Myogadani station, accessed by Marunouchi line.

4-15-13 Koishikawa
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Open all week except on Tuesdays.
11:30 AM to 03:00 PM
05:30 PM to 10:00 PM (more…)

Thursday Tunes #2

I feel so bad for not updating my blog more often. This week I’ve been on a 90s-esque music bender. These songs are quintessential alternative rock/pop… A reminder of the younger years where my friends and I would be hanging out at the mall eating ice cream, thinking we were cool for being out late at 9pm. (more…)