Top Ten Louvre Artworks

One place you can’t miss visiting in France is the Louvre, and trust me when I say that this trip needs a whole lot of preparation. The Louvre is massive! It houses more than 50 thousand art works… FIFTY THOUSAND! You definitely can’t see everything in one go so I took it upon myself to list down my top ten must see in the museum (and no, the Mona Lisa is not one of them).

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Cafés in Paris Worth Visiting

When you have a crazy itinerary like my sister and I, there’s nothing more rewarding than resting your tired feet in a café and sipping a delicate cappuccino. Although, I’ve been told that Parisians do not really drink cappuccinos (most preferring a strong espresso). I don’t understand why because cappuccinos in Paris are amaaaazing! With their chocolaty taste, it warms my heart up like listening to Oh Wonder singing Midnight Moon.

While my sister has been to Paris a lot of times, owing to the fact that her husband is French, we discovered these cafés purely by chance. I guess there are many secrets in Paris that even a seasoned Paris traveler or Parisian have not uncovered yet.

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Weekly Roundup: YouTube

Everything I learn from cooking comes from my mom, blogs and YouTube channels! I can follow recipes easily but it’s always great to see it being done. You also learn tips and tricks which would make your food taste extra special. Today, I want to share three of my favorite foodtubers. They inspire me to eat better and try out new recipes that I would otherwise avoid.

Cupcake Jemma

Jemma is a London-based patisserie store owner (Crumbs & Doilies). In her YouTube channel, you’ll see Game of Thrones inspired cupcakes, cakes that resemble burgers, polka dot roll cakes, (more…)

12 Days in Japan Itinerary!

In two days, my boyfriend is arriving in Tokyo! I was so excited to show him around that I went a little overboard on making the itinerary. I made an excel sheet complete with all the possible expenses, train times, activities, ticket information… You get the drift. I wanted to summarize the travel plan for anyone who would want to visit Japan. Granted, this trip is tailored to us and how we travel so you might also want to check out other itineraries online.

I am definitely writing detailed posts after our trip but for now, enjoy this information! I hope it helps you discover new places to add to your own Japan itinerary! Feel free to ask me any questions. I’m happy to help!

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Ten Quotes To Go With Your Wine

Of grief, wistfulness, and love (as it always is). I hope you enjoy these ten wonderful passages from my favorite stories. Listen to Alexandre Desplat’s The Imitation Game score while you’re at it. Don’t forget to pour yourself a glass of red wine. You’ll thank me later. (more…)

Adventure List // vol. 1

London Paris Rome

Being unemployed (broke) and going back to school can dampen everyone’s travel plans. Life sometimes gets in the way of adventure. I promised myself this year that I’ll save up enough money to travel to three new cities in 2017, preferably: London, Paris and Rome. I chose these places because they’re vastly different from each other plus they have been the settings for a lot of my favorite books. (more…)