Ramen & Inglenook in Paris!

Our second day in France, we woke up to a breakfast of jam and bread – a staple in every French household. I suddenly missed my Filipino rice meal, but when in Paris… Right?

After freezing in the castle grounds of Chantilly the day before, I was ready to brave the cold and wore the thickest jacket I had. Weather seemed to have turned in our favor though, and the sun was shining throughout the day – a perfect time to walk around Paris. (more…)


Adventure List // vol. 1

London Paris Rome

Being unemployed (broke) and going back to school can dampen everyone’s travel plans. Life sometimes gets in the way of adventure. I promised myself this year that I’ll save up enough money to travel to three new cities in 2017, preferably: London, Paris and Rome. I chose these places because they’re vastly different from each other plus they have been the settings for a lot of my favorite books. (more…)