Top Ten Louvre Artworks

One place you can’t miss visiting in France is the Louvre, and trust me when I say that this trip needs a whole lot of preparation. The Louvre is massive! It houses more than 50 thousand art works… FIFTY THOUSAND! You definitely can’t see everything in one go so I took it upon myself to list down my top ten must see in the museum (and no, the Mona Lisa is not one of them).

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Takashi Murakami at Mori Art Museum

A Japanese legend in the arts, Takashi Murakami is known to create modern cartoon pop-art with underlying Buddhist references.Β It has been 14 years since Takashi Murakami has put up a large scale exhibit in Japan, and the contemporary artist did not disappoint.



Art Fair Philippines 2016

Warning: Photo-heavy Post

For those who don’t know, I am back in Manila indefinitely! While I am sad to leave Tokyo, I’m in the process of creating something amazing with my best friend. It’s just easier to work on it in Manila. It’s also nearing summer so there are a lot of events to go to. Plus, there were a bunch of new restaurants that popped up while I was away that I need to try. Overall, I feel like moving back home was the best decision for me.

On a whole different story, my friend Tashi visited from Cebu and I finally found someone to go to the Art Fair with! I have been to art fairs in Hong Kong and Singapore but have never gone to the one here so I was extremely excited. Apparently, it started around 2013 and it’s the biggest event for showcasing and selling art in the Philippines. Unfortunately, we did not get to attend any of the lecturers but we did manage to see some beautiful art!

Art Fair 10