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Warning: Photo Heavy Post

Kawagoe is a small town located in Saitama prefecture. They are famous for their period buildings, candy lane and sweet potatoes! Our day in Kawagoe started with lunch at the famous unagi restaurant, Ogakiku. It’s currently the #1 restaurant in Kawagoe according to Tripadvisor. I thought it was the perfect place for David to try his first unagi dish. The restaurant itself was quiet. Most of their patrons are locals who seem to know the staff by name. I believe we were the only tourists there which was surprising because everyone talks about this restaurant!

The meal offerings were scarce but we did come so that David could try the unagi so it was alright. I’m not a huge fan of eel so I opted to try their teriyaki chicken served with a seafood soup and soboro donburi (ground chicken rice bowl). All I can say is that it was amazing! The chicken was tender and the sauce really comes through. When I saw how big the soboro donburi was, I was hesitant as it was huge! I did manage to finish the bowl so I can’t complain. It was that good! (more…)