Daibutsu, Green Tea & Music Boxes

Daibutsu, Green Tea & Music Boxes

Waking up to dreary skies, we desperately wanted to lay in bed and cuddle the whole day. It was the day after David arrived in Tokyo, and he was completely exhausted. However, with the limited time, we didn’t want to deviate from our itinerary and miss out on key places to visit in Japan. So early Monday morning, we were up and ready to go to the seaside city of Kamakura.

Warning: Photo-heavy Post

Kamakura 1

Despite being averse to self-portraits, David looks handsome in each one. Here he was waiting in Ikebukuro for the Shonan-Shinjuku line train to Kamakura. After which, we took bus 23 heading to Hokokuji temple. As soon as we got off the bus, I pulled out my phone to look at Google maps. I recall asking him why the other tourists were going the opposite direction. I was smugly thinking they were going to get lost. Little did I know, it would be me making the mistake leading us to a totally different temple! Continue reading “Daibutsu, Green Tea & Music Boxes”