The Little Prince Museum

I remember reading The Little Prince for a book report in third grade. I did not appreciate the story in the beginning, mostly because I felt like it was trying to tell me life lessons with allegoric interactions between the characters. They were hard concepts to grasp as a kid. As I got older, I finally understood the subtle nuances of the story, from what each of the characters represented to what their conversations actually mean.

When I found out that there was a museum dedicated to Saint-Exupéry and his beloved story, I knew I had to visit. It was easy to find as it’s located next to other popular museums in Hakone. From the bus stop, it’s only a five minute walk to the Little Prince Museum. As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by an ornate European gate with a subtle “Le Petit Prince” flag. (more…)


Onsen Experience

No matter how much you plan your trip, it doesn’t always go the way you want to. David’s two week vacation in Tokyo has been riddled with shoddy weather and closed attractions. Our trip to Hakone was actually a spur of the moment incident. We were originally going to Nikko but recently found out that the temple we were going to visit was under renovation. It’s a good thing there are a lot of great places in Japan that can be reached by the train in two hours or less.

My mom suggested going to Hakone for the onsen (Japanese hot spring). As I have also never been, I thought it would be a great experience for both of us! We found Hakone Yuryo and called ahead for a private onsen reservation. It was a little bit pricey but worth it for the privacy. Usually, people with tattoos are not allowed in an onsen. Not that we have any ourselves but for those who have, a private onsen may be the solution!

We took the Odakyu Limited Express Romance Car early in the morning in Shinjuku and arrived at 10. There was a free shuttle bus from the station that took us directly to the onsen. However, we decided to walk around a bit since our reservation was not until 11. (more…)