Akihabara: Electric Town

Known as the mecca for all things geek and electronic-related, Akihabara boasts of various video game arcades, electronic stores, manga book shopsΒ and themed restaurants. While all tourists charge straight into the heart of the city, Kanda Myojin shrine located 15 minutes away from Akihabara station is not something you should miss.

Akihabara 1

If you work in the tech industry, you can grab your talisman here! While they have the ordinary luck pouches, the real gem is the sticker you can buy for blessing your electronic devices against bad luck.

Akihabara 2 (more…)


What a hoot!

I absolutely adore owls! While I knew I wanted to visit an owl cafΓ©, I didn’t want to wait in line too long. When I found out about Akiba Fukurou and their reservations needed rule, I knew it was the perfect place to visit!

Owl Cafe 4

Guests are asked to be in front of the store 10 minutes before the reserved time. The staff will hand out a booklet (English & Japanese) explaining some rules on interacting with owls. You will then pay for the admission fee. (more…)