Paris, third day’s the charm!

Paris won’t be complete without visiting the iconic sites… and shopping!

Early in the morning, we found ourselves walking along the Pont de Bir-Hakeim, a familiar bridge for those who have watched Inception. Be careful taking photos for cyclists don’t have mercy! This is coming from a girl who almost got run over by one (and unfortunately, got told off by a cop to stay on the side).


I love the hanging lanterns! It’s so 1900s Fred Astaire. It would have been a great dancing spot for a movie scene! From the bridge, you also have an almost unobstructed view of the Tour Eiffel. Here I’ve captured the lovely boats on the river Seine.


After walking along the bridge, we headed to search for some snacks for our Tour Eiffel picnic. What’s that? Ladurée? Nope, instead we bought some lovely macarons off a local patisserie as well as baguette sandwiches. Yum!


4 euros per macaron is expensive, but it was worth every bite!

Unfortunately, the picnic area in front of the Tour Eiffel was closed, but we still managed to get a majestic view of the iconic landmark from where we were sitting.


Two views of the Tour Eiffel is not enough, so we decided to see it from the other side. I think the photo below is my favorite because it captures the vibrant every day life.


After our quick picnic lunch, we headed over to the famous shopping street, Avenue des Champs-Élysées. While we can’t afford anything over there, except for Sephora, we decided it was worth bumping elbows with all the tourists that flock there.


My Fujifilm XA-2 zoom capability is quite handy as it captured this scene crystal clear, even though we were quite far from Arc de Triomphe.


This is the closest we’ve gotten to the Arc. (This cheesy French song was playing in my head during that time.) I wanted to return during the night but decided not to since the place is unbearably crowded.


One of the few things I adored about Paris was the building façades, chic but always inviting. I wish buildings in Manila were more romantic!


We ended our third day in Paris by passing by La Pistacherie. Be forewarned. You will be tempted to buy souvenirs here because they have perfected the art of packaging, cute mason jars and colorful ribbons all around! Not to mention the yummy pistachio goodies!




Which one is your favorite iconic landmark in Paris? Share it with me below!



  1. Lovely photos as always. I love how you include more photos of different little shops and buildings. And the bridge from inception, I recognized it immediately when I saw your post on my feed!! So cool you got to take a photo.

    Liked by 1 person

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