Ramen & Inglenook in Paris!

Our second day in France, we woke up to a breakfast of jam and bread – a staple in every French household. I suddenly missed my Filipino rice meal, but when in Paris… Right?

After freezing in the castle grounds of Chantilly the day before, I was ready to brave the cold and wore the thickest jacket I had. Weather seemed to have turned in our favor though, and the sun was shining throughout the day – a perfect time to walk around Paris.

Warning: Photo-heavy Post

Day 2 - Paris4

Waiting for the train at Sarcelles Saint-Brice.

Day 2 - Paris3

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont’s Sybille Temple… We spotted two kids fearlessly climbing to the top. It was closed for the day but that didn’t deter their adventurous spirit. I just hope they didn’t get into any accidents.

Day 2 - Paris2

Stopped by this cool café/bar called Rosa Bonheur named after the French painter, but is also loosely translated to “Pink Happiness”.

Day 2 - Paris

Paris always seem to have the quaintest store fronts. This one is a boutique for all things baby related.

Day 2 - Paris11

This is a small fish meat store, which I’m not sure is still open.


Want to be eco-friendly but love drinking wine? Fear not! This wine store is where you can bring your own container to fill up so no more empty bottles in the trash.

Day 2 - Paris10

After walking around the streets of Paris, we ended up in Pére Lachaise. A cemetery where France’s most famous people are buried.

Day 2 - Paris8

We got a bit lost looking for Oscar Wilde’s tomb.

Day 2 - Paris9

When we found it, most of the lipstick marks were gone… Save for the ones on top where people can reach behind the glass barricade.

Day 2 - Paris6

By accident, we found the grave of Jim Morrison, with chewing gums stuck on the tree and bracelets tied around the metal posts.

Jet-lagged and tired, Pére Lachaise was our last major attraction of the day.



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