Pizza Delivery!

With virtually no good spaces to chill out in the sun in Manila (because of the intense heat), I decided to milk the opportunity in Europe – chilling by the Eiffel Tower in Champs de Mars, walking around Parc du Buttes-Chaumont, having lunch on the patio of Dame Tartine.

The sun was like the ultimate energy generator. So… when my sister saw this blog post by Out and About sharing her experience with Pink Flamingo Pizza, we just knew we had to try it!


They have a cute delivery system wherein they hand you a balloon, send you off on your walk to Canal St. Martin, and find you 15 minutes later among the lounging Parisians. Pink Flamingo pizza has various branches in the city. I believe they all deliver. However, this specific one is located in Rue Bichat.


We positioned ourselves near the bridge. Weirdly, I felt an instant connection with people who were also holding the pink balloons. It’s like a secret only we know… except everyone actually knows about it.

With the sun on my face and the soft lull of the French conversations around me, I leaned on the canal banks relaxed. I remember thinking, “Man, if the Parisian life is always like this, I never want to leave!”


In the corner of my eye, I spied our delivery guy riding his bike towards us. Our pizzas have arrived! He climbed down his bike juggling two pizza boxes, and questioningly murmured, “Franck?” We gave him a smile, nodded our heads and thanked him politely.

My sister grabbed the boxes, and I instantly got a quick wiff of bread and basil. We ordered La Dante – tomato, basil and mozzarella, and La Basquiat – gorgonzola, figs and ham. Personally, I enjoyed La Dante more. But both pizzas oozed with fresh cheesy tomato goodness! I almost finished the entire box by myself!


After stuffing our faces, we walked through the bridge onto the other side of the canal looking for the nearest metro. I have to say that this experience was probably one of the best afternoons I’ve had in Paris.. and it was only my second day there!



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