Travel Updates

Hey guys! I’m immensely excited to announce that in three days…

I will be going on a one month trip to Europe with my sister! I didn’t think it was going to happen this year, and I was actually planning on doing it in 2017 (see Adventure List here). But lady luck is smiling down on me, and I’m so thankful to be going off to another great experience!

Currently, my sister is in Turkey for her honeymoon. Afterwards, we will be meeting in Paris and jetting off to Prague, Budapest, Rome and Barcelona. Don’t worry because I’ll be blogging, instragramming and snapchatting as I go so expect a lot of updates this May!

After my trip to Europe, I would be going straight to visit my boyfriend in Chicago, and we will be taking a weekend trip to San Francisco. I spent most of my uni life in the Midwest and East Coast so I’m looking forward to exploring the laid back state.

Follow me on Instagram & Snapchat: @kaancornelio and WordPress for updates on this trip! 🙂


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