Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

I’ve been on hiatus for a couple of weeks because life has been too busy as of late. However, I’m back now with an amazing drugstore product that you should always have in your make-up bag!

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor is a lightweight, high-definition, velvety matte lip color that is 100% wax-free in gel formula. There are currently 8 shades but I only managed to get my hands on three. My sister introduced me to this amazing product but apparently, it’s been in the market in the states since late last year. Currently, it’s selling for 575 PHP or $6.45 in Amazon.

So the three colors that I got was Flirtation, Love and Obsession, I added a swatch photo below so you have a better idea on what it looks like!


FLIRTATION is a light peach color but comes on as coral pink on the lips. Personally, I find that with chapped lips like mine, lighter colors do not look good since it enhances the texture of the lips. With that said though, it’s gorgeous for a lunch date.


OBSESSION is a barbie doll fuchsia pink color. If you’re feeling a little flirty, this is a great color to wear. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of this color as I’m not comfortable wearing an extremely bright pink-violet lippy. I would probably only wear this on select night-outs. I think it would look great on a lighter skin tone though. Definitely a statement lip color!


LOVE is an orange-y red color that I think would look good on tan skinned girls. I’ve been obsessed with bright colors this summer. Since it’s disgustingly hot in Manila, I’m staying away from heavy make-up. The only way to make my face pop is with a bright lippy and well-defined brows. Among all the colors, this is my favorite!


Now for the pros and cons of this product!


  • Great Colors – This lip line has a good range of colors for all skin tones. It’s also pigmented and vibrant so you don’t have to pile on too much to achieve the color that you want.
  • Moisturizing – I usually apply lip balm before any lipstick but with this product, I don’t feel that it’s necessary.
  • Dries Clean – It doesn’t dry in patches which is one of the usual problems for heavy lippies.
  • Yummy Scent – A lot of people might not find the scent appealing, but I’m quite fond of the vanilla smell and taste.
  • Lasts Long – It can last up to 4-5 hours without reapplying if you don’t eat or drink. Darker colors do last longer.


  • Not Really Matte – It actually leaves a bit of shine on the lips especially if you pile on two or three coats. If you blot it out with tissue, it acts more like a stain and you can achieve the matte color.
  • Heavy – While they say it’s lightweight, it does feel a little heavy in the beginning.
  • Sticky Transfers – If you don’t blot it out, it does transfer to items when you eat.

Overall, definitely not a matte lippy like how it’s marketed but I am still obsessed with it! I’m in love with the shades. It didn’t dry my lips, and it actually stayed longer than I would have expected.

9/10 stars! 



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