Art Fair Philippines 2016

Warning: Photo-heavy Post

For those who don’t know, I am back in Manila indefinitely! While I am sad to leave Tokyo, I’m in the process of creating something amazing with my best friend. It’s just easier to work on it in Manila. It’s also nearing summer so there are a lot of events to go to. Plus, there were a bunch of new restaurants that popped up while I was away that I need to try. Overall, I feel like moving back home was the best decision for me.

On a whole different story, my friend Tashi visited from Cebu and I finally found someone to go to the Art Fair with! I have been to art fairs in Hong Kong and Singapore but have never gone to the one here so I was extremely excited. Apparently, it started around 2013 and it’s the biggest event for showcasing and selling art in the Philippines. Unfortunately, we did not get to attend any of the lecturers but we did manage to see some beautiful art!

Art Fair 10

Fallen by Joseph De Juras reminds me of a scene from Neil Gaiman’s Murder Mysteries where Carasel killed Saraquel out of anger because the angel would not love him anymore.

Art Fair 14

There were a bunch of mixed media art that was weirdly beautiful from afar and amazingly detailed up close. My favorite was the Game of Thrones slash Alice in Wonderland-esque sculpture.

Art Fair 9

This painting is trippy. I feel like I have to be on acid to really appreciate the stroke movement. All I needed was some Enter the Void music and neon lights.

Artists nowadays also have a fascination with geometric patterns. Not that they aren’t beautiful, of course, but definitely have seen a lot of it in the fair.

Saw a couple of shared spaces in the area. Loved that parents brought their kids to the show. I’m a big proponent of early introduction to art and getting those creative juices flowing. In this era, imagination is everything.

Art Fair 24

But this sentiment is also true…

A lot of the artwork also depicted strong political or philosophical statements. I’m fond of the post-it notes on the wall wherein one says “Love Wins” and the conceptual clocks by Joseph Kosuth which showcases the movement of time and how it speeds up relative to your position.

Art Fair 8

These macabre art just needs to go in my apartment but I’m broke and that’s dreadful in itself.

Art Fair 23

Art Fair 21

I’m so attracted to these colorful works!

Art Fair 15

The eyes above were made by different Negros artists. Two of which were even the gallery owners’ work! I never asked why they chose the eye shape which is a shame, I’m interested to know.

Art Fair 17

Among all of my sculptures, I think this is my favorite. It’s wonderfully life-like.

Art Fair 25

And the best piece from the whole fair was from the Infinity Series by Mark Justiniani. There was a long line just to get inside his exhibit but it was worth it! Masterful and surreal, the experience of going beyond the “normal” to Allegoria leaves you slightly breathless much like how I imagine bending time and space would.

Art Fair Philippines 2016 delivered! My only disappointment was the lack of wine and cool air around the vicinity. But it was in a parking lot so I guess it’s understandable? For those who missed it, I hope my small recap gave you a good look on what went on. I’ll end my post with a behind the scenes shot from an artist fixing his small exhibit space.


Art Fair 5


13 thoughts on “Art Fair Philippines 2016

  1. Wow, love this post! Really stunning art. My favorite, I believe, aligns with what you described as the best exhibit. The photo of the futuristic looking tunnel, the final display in your post, is my favorite. But the whole experience was surely amazing!


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