Long Live Ziggy!

A few minutes ago, I found out that David Bowie passed away. From being the ultimate rock icon, Ziggy Stardust to the menacing yet sexually awakening goblin king, Jareth… He has been a big part of my youth. I remember listening to Rebel Rebel as I got ready to go out to my first club. Or how I laid in bed, earphones in place for Letter to Hermione… because really, that’s the only proper way to listen to that song.

It is with great sadness that I compile my favorite songs now as a tribute to an amazing artist. He will be with us forever. There are rock stars but he is a constellation.

“It’s only forever, not long at all.” Goodbye Ziggy Stardust.

1. Heroes

2. As The World Falls Down

3. Letter to Hermione

4. Lady Stardust

5. Rebel, Rebel

6. Underground

7. Magic Dance


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