Film Roll Stories | vol. 1

David and I sat waiting for the Shinkansen to arrive when I realized that I forgot my camera. Even when David suggested we go back home and get it, I knew it was too late. I literally started bawling my eyes out right on the train tracks, totally inconsolable! Thankfully, my boyfriend is a problem solver. He suggested buying some disposable cameras instead since I didn’t even bring my lomo cam! Talk about being forgetful. It could be a nice challenge for me to photograph without seeing the end result until after developing the film. I was definitely on board with this suggestion and was pleasantly surprised with the result!


It was an overcast day in Universal Studios Osaka when I took this photo. I remember David desperately trying to convince me to ride the roller coaster. I could feel my tummy doing somersaults just looking at the loops and curves.


This photo was taken at Kyoto station. I saw this view before having breakfast, it was still sunny then. But my tummy was calling and I vowed to come back to take a photo. Lo and behold, it started raining! Took a photo anyway, praying it would not be too dark.. Surprisingly, a more interesting photo developed!


In Kyoto… I like how the bright light makes it seem like it was snowing on the temple roof.


We braved the rain at Fushimi Inari and climbed up the mountain. On our climb, we encountered a small cemetery. The grainy photo texture, two kitsune statues with glowing eyes and an almost foggy environment… turns this photo into a scene straight out of a Japanese horror movie.


This shot was taken in Arashiyama bamboo grove in Kyoto. It was as spectacular as I had imagined it to be. Too bad I only took this one photo. Not sure why I didn’t take more. It turned out really well with the dark to light gradient.


When I took this shot, I was worried that it won’t show as it was too dark in the aquarium. I’m glad that jellyfish light actually came through. Almost makes it feel like you’re underwater.


I’m always fond of temple shots. More so for this photo since I managed to capture my boyfriend in the background.


It was finally a sunny day when we arrived in Osaka from Kyoto! I managed to capture a bright blue sky and fluffy clouds with one of the most famous castles in Japan. I’ve been trying my hand at negative space photographs. I find that it is great for drawing your audience’s eyes to the subject.


I badly wanted to eat here. We just had lunch when we saw this cafe. They have amazing sundaes! David said it was okay if I get a little dessert but my mind keeps thinking about my diet. So… I took a photo to remind me to come back. The name seems appropriate.. Schwab’s Pharmacy, where you get all your addictions satisfied.

Overall, I’m actually glad I used a film camera for this short trip. It made me think more about the composition of my shots and how elements like light affect it. I also noticed that I spent less time taking photos (because I didn’t have an almost unlimited amount of shots) that I actually take in more of the experience.

I think everyone should try to travel and challenge themselves to ONLY use a film camera.. like how they did it during good old days. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Film Roll Stories | vol. 1

  1. It was lovely to read your post especially as I have been to Kyoto and been to the places you posted on. Sorry about your camera (I know how upsetting that is) though but you managed to take some nice photos with your disposable camera.


  2. Wonderful idea and great pics! I am not sure if my husband and I would be able to travel with ONLY a film camera but would love to try using a film camera again;)


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