Chow Rundown: Ninja Akasaka

Tokyo is home to various themed restaurants and cafés. From robots to cats, the city probably has it. Since we already visited the owl café, I wanted to give David another restaurant experience which he won’t be able to find anywhere else. I was debating between the robot restaurant and the ninja restaurant. The robot restaurant looks pretty awesome! I’m sure we would have fun there if not for the food. They only offer bento boxes which was unacceptable to me because the cover charge for the show is already 9,000 yen! My mom also had some rave reviews on the ninja restaurant so that’s where we ended up going.

Akasaka Ninja 13

Ninja Akasaka, located in the Akasake-Mitsuke district, is a fascinating concept! Guests are greeted in front of a featureless entrance by a ninja. Be advised that you cannot be seated if your entire party has not yet arrived. Reservations are also a must!

Once inside, the ninja gives you a secret password and leads you through the ninja training. You creep through a maze of cave-like corridors, enter hidden doorways and pass through a draw bridge that leads to the dining room. There is a public dining area but since we were a group of 6 people, we led to our private room. It looks like a cave brandished with cool metal lamps, a wooden table and a tatami mat to sit on. The menu is presented on a long scroll. They have various courses but you may also order ala carte. We ended up choosing the Yamato Spirit course for 7,000 yen (tax excluded) which offered the following:


Akasaka Ninja 1

Shuriken Star-blades Grissini
These are basically black crackers in the shape of a Shuriken served with foie gras paté. I thought this dish could use a little more seasoning. Also, I would have preferred more crackers!

Akasaka Ninja 2

Turban Shell Bombs with Garlic Butter
I consider the serving of this dish the first show of the night. When the ninja came to serve us these escargot shells, I was a little bit disappointed until she lit up the plate leaving a cool trail of flames! The escargot itself tasted too garlicky for me but the show more than made up for it.

Akasaka Ninja 6

Mystery Dish
I’m a picky eater so I was a little bit hesitant when this black log came by our table. It definitely did not look appetizing. However, looks can be deceiving as it’s actually only croquette filled with vegetables!

Akasaka Ninja 14

Autumn Vegetable Cocktail Topped with Whipped Japanese Stock
I’m definitely not a fan of this dish. It was a weird, frothy and cold miso soup filled with mushrooms and other veggies. Even with the shot glass size, I did not finish mine.

Akasaka Ninja 5

Special Stone-boiled Soup (Japanese Bouillabaisse)
This could easily be my favorite dish of the night! The soup is made in front of you with some type of milk, pork and vegetables. You may then add spices to enhance the flavor. I made mine a little spicy with the tom yum paste. It was heaven!

Akasaka Ninja 4

Ninja-Style Cream Puff
Thinking it was dessert, I immediately bite into the dish only to realize that it’s some type of tartare. It wasn’t bad, just felt a little weird eating cream puff with raw fish.

Akasaka Ninja 15

Sherbet Candy in Winter Flavors
To get ready for the main course, we were given a sherbet candy. The flavor was minty with some type of berry. It was refreshing!

Akasaka Ninja 11

Akasaka Ninja 10

Akasaka Ninja 3

Akasaka Ninja 7

Meat or Seafood Specialty
They have various entrée selections and we all chose different ones. Among all of them, my favorite was the beef steak served with potato gratin and salmon! It was cooked perfectly with the right amount of seasoning.

Akasaka Ninja 9

Special Sushi & Sushi Roll
Unfortunately, even if I’m in Tokyo, I don’t eat a lot of sushi. I did manage to eat the tuna and salmon nigiri before passing the rest to my brother who is obsessed with sushi. I forgot to tell them to not add wasabi to mine so I was sniffing by the end of the night. Wasabi just does not sit well with me.

Akasaka Ninja 8

Today’s Dessert
The ninja serves this adorable cheesecake frog on chocolate cracker with some shaved parmesan cheese. So good and so damn cute!



Best accessed through Ginza line by Akasakamitsuke station.

Akasaka Tokyu Plaza, 1st floor
2-14-3 Nagatacho, Chiyoda

Monday to Sunday from 5:00 PM to 10:30 PM




Japanese-Western Fushion




Birthday Celebration, Dinner with Friends and Family

Overall, there are better places to eat Japanese food at than this restaurant. However, throughout your whole meal, the ninjas ensure that you are entertained with table side magic tricks and performances! The price was definitely worth the experience. The night ended with our ninja greeting us goodbye in Filipino.

Akasaka Ninja 12



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