My Hogsmeade Loot

This year, I was lucky enough to go to Harry Potter World Osaka not once but twice! I enjoyed both times immensely and still cannot begin to describe how amazing the whole experience was! However, with my new revelation on being too old to go to theme parks, I knew I would not be coming back to the Wizarding World for a while. Therefore, while I was there, I decided to buy a wand and as much sweets as I can.

I was also originally going to buy a robe, but the Ravenclaw robe did not have the royal blue trimming like I had hoped. It was midnight blue and you can hardly see it in contrast to the black. I was tempted to just get the Gryffindor robe for the sake of having one, but I’m a true Ravenclaw at heart. Huzzah! ϟ

Anyways, I thought I’d give a couple of reviews on the goodies so you will have an idea on what to get.


1. Honeydukes Cookies – I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It comes in a tin can and is separated by small plastic wrappings. I did not expect myself to like it as I’m not a huge fan of sugar cookies. However, I think it’s a perfect snack with its two-bite size and buttery texture. Good to be paired with hot chocolate.

2. Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum – Be careful! I ate only one of these and my whole mouth turned blue! Also, not the best gum as I can’t even get it to blow into one. Good for pranks, not for individual consumption.

3. Acid Pops & Sugar Quill – Both the acid pops and sugar quill have a tight plastic wrapping that is so hard to get off! Had to admit defeat and use a knife to cut through it. I was excited about the acid pops because I love warheads and anything remotely sour. In the Harry Potter books, it was supposed to be a lollipop that was so acidic, it burned a hole through your tongue. With that, I was expecting a similar flavor but… It’s just apple. It was good as a lollipop but nothing special. The sugar quill is as it’s named. Sugar lolly in shaped of a quill. It comes in different colors though, not sure if that constitutes to different flavors.

4. Fizzing Whizbees – Looking at it, it seems like an ordinary crunchy chocolate in shaped of a bee. However, I grew wary of anything that has fizzing or exploding in the name after I ate my first exploding bon bon (more on that later). It was harmless at first, tasted like Crunch until I felt the first pop. I don’t understand why they felt the need to add pop rocks to an otherwise delectable chocolate goody. Guess it makes it more interesting. Overall, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds but I definitely won’t be buying it again.

5. Peppermint Toads – Tasted like mint chocolate which isn’t necessarily bad, just not something I would pay 10 bucks for again. Similar to those weird peppermint Hershey’s kisses. The packaging is cute though, and would make a decent gift.

6. Chocolate Frogs – It’s basically a huge block of chocolate in shaped of a frog. But really, the only thing that’s important is the card inside. I originally got Godric Gryffindor but I made my sister trade with me because she got Rowena Ravenclaw. I didn’t try to eat the chocolate. It’s just too huge and I don’t want to place it half-eaten in the fridge. So right now, it’s still in the packaging. I do have some plans to melt it down and make it into hot chocolate once the weather becomes a little cooler.

7. Voldemort’s Wand – Can’t leave the Wizarding World without buying a wand. After two failed attempts at getting picked at Ollivander’s, I decided to just buy my own. Originally, I was drawn to Narcissa Malfoy’s wand. It was black with silver accents on the handle. It was beautiful but it doesn’t have any personal significance to me. Also, you just have to have the Dark Lord’s wand! I’m planning on buying Harry, Draco and Dumbledore’s wand in the future as they all had the most important roles in the book.

8. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans – Among all of the sweets I bought, I think Bertie Bott’s is my favorite! Me and my siblings had a great time trying to decipher all the different flavors. It’s an exciting game to play. Fortunately, I’ve only tasted soap and the good stuff. I try to vie away from anything that even resembles rotten eggs or dirt.

9. Exploding Bon Bons – It’s white chocolate with pop rocks inside. Sometimes, the pop rocks work. Other times, it just feels like big sugar chunks. It also has a weird citrus aftertaste. Probably not going to eat anything that has chocolate and pop rocks in it unless it’s chocolate flavored pop rocks.

Overall, I think all the goodies are overpriced. Unless you have an unlimited budget, it’s better to choose your favorites instead of grabbing everything I saw. However, if you’re a true Potterhead, you probably won’t care and would buy everything anyways!

Stay tuned for my Wizarding World of Harry Potter Osaka Rundown post!


Kaan ϟ




  1. Omg!!! I am so jealous! And yeah maybe the things arent that magical but even the fact they were inspired by harry potter makes it so speacial!! Hey! Did you try the butter beer btw?


  2. I loved the Wizarding World in Florida. I know what you mean, the experience of seeing a model of world that you’ve read seven books about is just amazing!
    But I’m pretty sure I’ll never feel too old for theme parks, I love roller coasters and the whole experience.

    Liked by 1 person

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