There’s something fishy around here!

Despite the small size, Sumida Aquarium is a wonderful place to spend the afternoon in, especially if the weather isn’t particularly pleasant. It is located steps away from Tokyo Skytree, and about 20 minutes away from Asakusa’s Senso-ji Temple. It can get really crowded during the weekends that you won’t be able to appreciate the exhibits. I suggest going early in the morning on a weekday if you can.

The aquascape and its modern mixed with traditional design is reminiscent of contemporary Tokyo. It’s definitely not your run of the mill aquarium. However, even if you don’t care about design and only came for the fish, you will not be disappointed! They have a great jellyfish exhibit complete with an open lab. My favorite part was the tiny jellyfishes the size of ¥1 coin.

Sumida Aquarium
Following the jellyfishes is the small friends in the water exhibit. These are smaller tanks that show tiny marine life almost looking like a 3D painting!

Sumida Aquarium 2
They also have a garden eel exhibit which was fascinating to see. They looked like really colorful worms dancing. Pretty cute!

Sumida Aquarium 4
I was walking past a medium sized window, and noticed the stingray. I was so excited that I went up close to take a photo. What creeped me out was the shark that immediately swam right in front of me with its jaw wide open! Talk about a heart attack. The only thing separating you and that wonderfully scary beast is glass. I still get shivers thinking about it.

Sumida Aquarium 3
Moving along, there’s a winding path that allows you to see the penguin & fur seal habitat from above. When you finally arrive at the atrium space, you get to go up close to the animals. I was trying to capture an image of the penguins but they move too fast!

Sumida Aquarium 6
Off to the side is a big glass window where you can see a huge tank of marine animals. I didn’t notice at first but it this also the tank where I saw the shark and stingray. Too bad they swim closer to the top. There’s plenty of other fishes to keep you occupied though!

Sumida Aquarium 5


Sumida Aquarium Map
Sumida Aquarium is easily accessed by Tokyo Metro Hanzomon and Toei Asakusa Line through Oshiage Station. It is located on the west yard of Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi on the 5-6F.

1-2, Oshiage 1-chome
Sumida Ward, Tokyo 131-0045
Tel: +81-3-5619-1821

Open 365 Days/Year:
09:00 AM – 9:00 PM
*Last admission 8:00 PM


Adult: ¥2,050
High school student: ¥1,500
Junior high & elementary student: ¥1,000
Children (age 3 to 6): ¥600


There’s really only one café in the aquarium. It’s okay for small bites if you’re really desperate but I don’t recommend it. I got some penguin shaped fishcakes and they were… edible. I suggest going in Tokyo Solamachi and picking one of the restaurants there.


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