12 Days in Japan Itinerary!

In two days, my boyfriend is arriving in Tokyo! I was so excited to show him around that I went a little overboard on making the itinerary. I made an excel sheet complete with all the possible expenses, train times, activities, ticket information… You get the drift. I wanted to summarize the travel plan for anyone who would want to visit Japan. Granted, this trip is tailored to us and how we travel so you might also want to check out other itineraries online.

I am definitely writing detailed posts after our trip but for now, enjoy this information! I hope it helps you discover new places to add to your own Japan itinerary! Feel free to ask me any questions. I’m happy to help!

12 Days in Japan Map

All in all, I expect, we will be paying around $1,300 each. See breakdown below:

Japan Itinerary Expense Chart

Narita Express (roundtrip) – $50
Shinkansen (Tokyo to Kyoto, Osaka to Tokyo) – $250
Other trains and buses – $100

While $400 is a good estimation on the transportation costs, I recommend checking Hyperdia or Google Maps to get detailed breakdown as well as train and bus times.

With the exception of Kyoto and Osaka, we will be staying in our apartment in Tokyo so there’s no need to pay for hotel accommodations. I booked our hotel through Expedia, and I managed to find deals. We are spending a total of $165 for 2 nights.

First, you need a lot of research to determine where to eat. Here’s a couple of websites to help with your search:

Tokyo Cheapo
Timeout Japan
Japan Guide

When I finally chose the restaurants to visit, I tried to find their menu online to determine how much we might spend on each. Try to avoid popular places unless you absolutely have to try them! Japanese people are notorious for lining up, and you might end up waiting for 2 hours just to have lunch. Also, if you’re on a tight budget, don’t disregard convenience store bento boxes. They’re pretty yummy with a decent size helping for around five bucks.

Admission Tickets:
Most of the popular temples will have fees, usually around three bucks. Museums will be around ten bucks. The most expensive cost would be any amusement park ticket, such as Disneysea or Universal Studios. You can expect to pay around 60 to 100 bucks each.

I wanted to make sure my boyfriend tries authentic Japanese dishes, from sushi to okonomiyaki. However, we didn’t want to pay $300 for a meal (which is what you’ll pay for popular sushi restaurants like Sukibayashi Jiro). Therefore, I endeavored to find affordable and unique restaurants that have great reviews, and is not hard on the wallet.

• Nakamura-An (Kamakura) – Soba
• Mos Burger (Nerima) – Fast Food Burger
• Gundam Café (Akihabara) – Themed Restaurant
• Daihachi Toko Hana Maru (Harajuku) – Takoyaki
• Shibuya Cheese Stand (Shibuya) – Cheeses & Sandwiches
• Miraikan 5F Café (Odaiba) – Pasta & Sandwiches
• Kimukatsu (Odaiba) – Tonkatsu
• Imozen (Kawagoe) – Unagi
• Café Ogurayama – Pasta & Sandwiches
• Gyoza Stadium (Ikebukuro) – Gyoza
• Ice Cream World (Ikebukuro) – Ice Cream (Weird Flavors)
• Tempura Shinjuku Tsunahachi (Asakusa) – Tempura
• Fukuzushi (Roppongi) – Sushi
• Ninja Akasaka (Chiyoda) – Themed Restaurant

For other meals, we decided on trying out ramen shops that we see around the area. We also haven’t decided where to eat in Kyoto and Osaka. I definitely want him to try okonomiyaki, udon and yakiniku. We might attempt to drink some Japanese craft beers and whiskey too!

If you think I missed a place or restaurant that we should try or if you have any questions, please let me know by leaving a comment below!


10 thoughts on “12 Days in Japan Itinerary!

  1. Btw, our favorite local places in Kyoto to eat is Aje Kiyacho Donguri, yakiniku, anything to do with beef, get the hanging tenders meat, super delicious! Izumi Kyoto style sushi in gion area and giro giro modern kaiseki. For soba, we like the one in arashiyama, ぃわを. Hope these ideas will help your trip planning.

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  2. Hi, have a wonderful reunion with your boyfriend! In Kyoto, there are several favourite places of mine every time I am there which are pretty reasonable. 1) Aje Kiyacho Donguri (Yakiniku) – all about beef, try their limited day special hanging tenders, its simply yummy! Its my supper place, can get pretty crowded among the locals during dinner. 2) Giro Giro Hitoshina 枝魯枝魯ひとしな is great for value too, modern innovative kaiseki by a bunch of cool male chefs. 3)I usually eat at this kyoto-style sushi place, Izuju, in Gion area. There is a small store along the same side selling freshly made Nama-fu, very good. In Arashiyama, this soba place is crowded with locals, its facing the main gate entrance to Teruji Temple, called いわを. The other place to experience beautiful and delicious meal is Kibune Mountain area, takes about 45-50 mins taxi ride. You get to eat kyo-ryori meal on bamboo platform floated above river streams. http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3967.html . Hope these are some good ideas for you. Enjoy!

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    1. YOU ARE AMAZING! OMG! 🙂 Thanks so much for all the recommendations! Please look at my food and travel pages and you can see my review on some restaurants, museums and towns in Japan. 🙂 I hope you enjoy your stay in Tokyo! Let me know if you need any other information that I might be able to help with. Have a great Tokyo adventure!

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