Toxic Friendship

I treated you like family.

It feels only like yesterday when you borrowed my clothes, slept in my room, and ate the food in my kitchen. Being apart for more than a day was insanity. You were there for me for every heart break, hang overs, and family crisis. We shared so many life experiences and adventures. You knew all my secrets…

But I guess I didn’t know all of yours.

At first, it hurt to even think about letting you go. I wanted to save the friendship we nurtured over the years. But the thought of all the lies you’ve told, and all the drama you caused… I knew I had to let you go, if only to save myself.

They say forgiveness is the key. I knew I’ve forgiven you a long time ago. That doesn’t mean that I have forgotten. I stopped justifying your actions. Stopped giving reasons as to why you would trade our friendship for fleeting highs. You are an adult now. You did all those horrible things. You understand your actions and its consequences. Though I believe people change, I cannot let myself get caught in that web again.

They say you’re starting over, and I’m happy for you. You were always such a trooper. I hope that you take this wonderful opportunity to rebuild yourself in the best way possible. While I’ll always remember the good times we had, if I want to live my life to the fullest, to not constantly be on my guard, you cannot be a part of it anymore. No matter how much my soul wants to cling to that last vestiges of friendship, it was toxic, and it’s time to let it go.


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