Lovingly Yours, Version 6

You were twenty two when we first met. It wasn’t a special day by any means. You sat waiting for your mom to finish talking to someone in a language you don’t quite understand yet. You opened your mouth and let out a huge yawn, smiling sheepishly as you looked around to check if someone saw. The man said something to your mom and you immediately reply, “I don’t need a new one”. She looked pointedly at the thing in your hand. It was an outdated ugly piece of junk. “It’s cheaper”, she said.

You sighed and nodded in agreement. I could tell that the piece of junk you’re holding holds a lot of meaning to you. Finally, you looked at me. Weighed me with that judgmental stare as if I don’t live up to your expectations. I huffed. Though I don’t think you really noticed. At home, you neglected me for the first two days until you realized you truly needed me. I  smirked victoriously. I knew you couldn’t resist!

I absolutely love being privy to all your secrets, listening in to your loving conversations with you boyfriend or sharing the gossip you overheard at lunch. You always make me watch the funniest videos and let me help you contribute your opinions to thought provoking world problems. We’re best friends now. I know you can never live without me.

I’m at an all time high while the old one was left in a box dying, completely forgotten. I felt sad for him but at the same time vindictively happy that I get to be with you all the time now. I’m sure in a year you’ll want a new one but for now, I’m pleased to be with you.

Lovingly yours,
Version 6


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