Thursday Tunes #4

After a Friday night of loud music and pizza stuffing, I groggily woke up in need of tea. My friends and I discovered another unique café (which I will share next time) in Iidabashi. Not only do they have unlimited coffee and tea (and massage chairs), they have a wide range of music on hand. Unfortunately, they don’t have their own Spotify playlist so I took it upon myself to “shazam” my favorite songs. Enjoy!

  1. “Lily” – Geyster
  2. “Let’s Take The Car Out” – Nicholas Krgovich
  3. “An Enchanting Blue” – Giorgio Tuma
  4. “On The Summer Solstice” – Aspidistrafly
  5. “Sirens” – Boat Beam
  6. “Of All Living Creatures, Why A Human Being?” – Alondra Bentley
  7. “Kinda Fantastic” – Pajaro Sunrise

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