Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum


Mori Art Map

Mori Art Museum is easily accessed through the Toei Oedo or Hibiya line. Get off at Roppongi and follow the signs. It’s a five minute walk from the station.

53F Roppongi Hills Mori Tower
6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81-3-5777-8600


Until June 28, 2015, Mori Art Museum offers a combination ticket for the Tokyo City View Deck, “Simple Forms” and “Star Wars Vision” exhibit.

  • Adult: ¥1,800
  • Senior (Age 65 and over): ¥1,500
  • Student (University and High School): ¥1,200
  • Child (Age 4 up to Junior High School): ¥600

*Prices are inclusive of tax.

They are also holding “Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto Exhibit”. If you only want to visit this exhibit, ticket prices are below. This ticket does not include access to the “Simple Forms” or “Star Wars Vision” exhibit.

  • Adult/Student: ¥2,000
  • High School Student: ¥1,500
  • Child (Age 4 up to Elementary School): ¥800

There is a combination ticket for ALL the exhibits. I paid ¥3,000 for mine since I am a University student. For adults, I believe the price is ¥3,500.


Star Wars

When you enter the “Star Wars Vision” exhibit, you will be greeted by a recreation of the death star, a Darth Vader statue and storm trooper posters lined up on the windows. You are not allowed to photograph the rest of the exhibit so take a bunch of photos here! In the exhibit, you will get to see Star Wars inspired artworks, handpicked by George Lucas! In addition to the art, costumes in the movie “Return of the Jedi” and props such as lightsabers, miniature spaceships were brought over from the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.

Liminal Air

I am amazed at the “Simple Forms” exhibit! I couldn’t take photos of the actual exhibit but I managed to find the artists’ works online. One of my favorites is “Liminal Art Space Time” by Ohmaki Shinji. I believe it was first featured in the Roppongi Art Night 2013. The photo above does not do it justice. Imagine staring at this lightweight cloth swaying back and forth, creating shapes and jarring your perception of gravity and space. Your background instead of a garden is the Tokyo city skyline. Heavenly!

When I am pregnant AK

This work by Anish Kapoor “When I Am Pregnant”, is an anomaly. Looking like a shadow painted on a pristine white wall, it reveals its real self when you see the profile. It’s an expertly carved protrusion. Once again, defying space and our first impressions.

Line Describing a Cone 1973 by Anthony McCall born 1946

I’m always amazed by art works made of light. I remember seeing “V” by Li Hui in the Singapore Art Museum and being in awe, bathe in spiritual goodness. Anthony Mccall’s “Line Describing a Cone” made me feel something similar. He shifted the dynamics of dimensions and transformed a simple beam of light to a filmic wonder converting the unreceptive audience to experiment, move and explore.


The Naruto Exhibit was pretty fun. We viewed a small film summary about the manga (all in Japanese, which was disappointing) but after, a huge door opened (ninja style!) to reveal a Mt. Rushmore-esque carving of Naruto characters. The whole exhibit featured illustrations of famous scenes in the manga as well as a lot of short snippets of the animation.


Tokyo Tower Cropped

Bring out an extra ¥500, and go to the roof top helipad! It has an amazing view of the city without that pesky glass in front of your camera. You are required to store your bag as only cameras and phones are allowed in the roof top. The deposit for the lockers is only ¥100, and you’ll get it back when you’re done.

Brush up on your Japanese as most of the exhibits have very little English translations. I heard they have English translation for the Naruto Exhibit introduction every Friday but I can’t be too sure.


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